Vadim has been an integral part of the Commercial Acquisitions family for several years. With his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology along with a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration, it is easy to see that Vadim has a passion for helping people. His academic success is an attribute of a strong work ethic. Vadim’s long standing clientele is proof of his capability of brokering smooth real estate transactions. A diverse skill set such as excellent communication, perseverance, discipline, and dedication is what keeps clients confident in achieving exactly what they sought out for.


Client testimonies depict Vadim’s knowledge and aggressive ability to get things done with the utmost care and confidentiality to all parties involved. He strives to fully understand his clients’ needs and match it to the fierce and fluctuating New York real estate market. Vadim credits his success to a lifetime of experience in business, academia, and strong family values. As a bi-lingual native New Yorker, Vadim uses his expert market insight and creative “out of the box” mentality to satisfy his client’s real estate needs. Furthermore, Vadim’s respectful yet firm personality is what drives him to be a success in this industry as well as a constant pleasure to work with.